Brokerage Accounts: (Held at Wedbush Securities, Inc.)

We establish customer accounts with our clearing firm, Wedbush Securities, which holds all securities (such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, etc.), dividends and proceeds.

  1. Full Service Account: One of registered brokers assist customers' investment decisions on a one-to-one basis.
  2. Discount Service Account: Customer trades by himself/herself and can asks his broker any investment advice.
    The broker will assist customer only when the customer asks for.
  3. On-line Trading Account: Customer trades by himself/herself and there is no broker's assist for investment.
Most common accounts
1. Individual account 2. Retirement account
3. Joint account 4. Minor/Custodian account
5. Sole Proprietor account 6. Corporate account
7. Living Trust account 8. Investment Club account
9. LLC, Partnership account 10. Non-profit account
11. Foreign Individual account 12. Foreign Institution account

Optional Application
*Margin Account, Option Account:
Additional Application Form(s) is(are) required.

Other type of accounts. Refer the List of accounts & forms
It is important to choose the right account. Call us if you need any help.

Non-Brokerage Accounts: (Held at each investment company)

We establish customer accounts with other investment company, such as mutual company or insurance company, which holds all investment products (such as mutual funds or insurance plans

Mutual Funds Accounts: (Held at mutual fund company)

We set up an account at mutual fund company directly, instead of a brokerage account, for who want to invest only in mutual fund products. This type of account is good for small amount of investments and good for accumulation of small investments for a long period of time.

Insurance Contracts: (Held at insurance company)

Our insurance licensed agent helps customers select suitable insurance contracts from various insurance products. We currently focus on Annuity, Life Insurance and Long Term Care.

Additional Form Required:
Mutual Fund Companies or Insurance Companies have their own application forms. So the customer must fill out his or her new account application form in addition.
If you want to open any account, we strongly recommend you to discuss first with an experienced broker or agent.

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