Ace Diversified Capital is a full service broker-dealer. We recommend you to contact our office manager in order to choose the right account type with your broker/registered representative/agent to meet your investment objecctives and your special needs.

1. Choose an appropriate account type.
2. Print out the forms required from this website or ask us to receive them.
3. Fill out all forms with signature(s) and prepare other documents required.
4. Send/Mail us all original documents with checks for deposit.


Ace Diversified Capital (ADC)
is an introducing Broker-Dealer, clear through Wedbush Securities, and a member of SIPC. Our customer's accounts are covered by SIPC up to $500,000 (including up to $100,000 for cash). ADC receives from clients neither cash nor checks that is payable to ADC at any time.

Wedbush Securities (WS) is also a member of SIPC which covers $500,000 (includes up to $100,000 for cash credit balances) and carries additional account protection insurance for up to $25 million (including up to $1,000,000 for cash) for cash and securities in each account. Additional protection up to $100 million is available.

Information Systems: A service called "ClientLink" allows clients who have obtained their personal identification number ("PIN") to access their accounts online.

The following information is available over ClientLink:
1. Money Balances
2. Account Net Worth
3. Trades & All Other Activities

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