A. Basic Documents - Required for all type of accounts
Customer Copy of Photo ID of Account owner(s) (example: Driver's License or Passport, etc.)
Customer Check for deposit (Payable to "Wedbush Securities" or ask us for others)
020 Acknowledgement of the Customer(s) Account Agreement
021 Customer Disclosure Letter
100 New Account Application Form (Ace Diversified Capital)
101 Letter A or ( 101F Letter A for foreigner )
B. Retirement Account - Additional Forms
110 Form I: Adoption Agreement - IRA, Roth, SEP, Rollover.
C. Joint Account - Additional Forms
115 Joint Account Agreement (Tenants in common, Joint Tenants with Right of survivorship)
D. Margin Account (Optional) - Additional Forms
120 Customer Margin Account Agreement
121 Disclosure Statement - Fact about your borrowing costs and other matters
122 Margin Disclosure Statement (English & Second Language)
E. Option Account (Optional) - Additional Forms
130 Option Agreement
131 Option Disclosure Document (ODD): Characteristics and Risk of Standardized Options
Customer must read it at ODD (Click it) or www.finra.org/
132 Option Risk Disclosure & Understanding (English & Second Language)
F. Sole Proprietor Account - Additional Forms
Customer Copy of current business license or fictitious business filing (or tax return)
140 Sole Proprietor Letter
G. Corporate Account - Additional Forms
Customer Corporate Agreement (Company Information: Tax ID, Articles, etc.)
145 Corporate Resolution
(giving the person(s) authorization to act on behalf of the corporation)
H. Living Trust Account - Additional Forms
Customer Copy of Trust Agreement or Trust Certification
150 Trustee Certification
I. LLC, Partnership, Investment Club Account - Additional Forms
Customer Copy of Agreement
Other type of accounts.
It is important to choose the right account. Call us if you need any help.
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